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24-7 Emergency Service in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery County

24-7 Emergency Service in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery County

Heating Repair Services in Philadelphia

Heater Repair

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Heating Repair Services in Philadelphia

There is nothing worse than losing access to heat in the winter months when temperatures plummet below freezing. Not only does it cause anxiety for homeowners and business owners who fear expensive repairs – It makes your property uninhabitable. Until you get your heating issues resolved, being on the premises will be uncomfortable, if not intolerable. At Bill Frusco Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling, we understand the urgency to get your heating system working again. Our trained technicians provide honest, effective heating repair services in Philadelphia so you can leave all the work to us.

At Bill Frusco Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling, we offer:

  • Emergency service
  • Old-school service and professionalism
  • Licensed and certified experts
  • IICRC Certified to offer the best possible service

With 50 years in the business, our company is Google Guaranteed and we never hire subcontractors to do the job. We serve both residential and commercial properties including schools, retail shops, offices, and restaurants. If your home or business needs better climate control, think Bill Frusco for old-school professionalism and quality service.

How can you tell if your heater is broken?

If your heating system is broken or well on its way, it will probably start to show warning signs. Whether these are mild or severe, it’s important to locate a trustworthy heating and cooling repair company in Philadelphia as soon as you realize something is amiss. The longer a heating issue continues, the more complications can develop.

Heaters that are 10+ years old are more likely to need service and repairs. This is why it’s critical to schedule heating and cooling tune-ups every so often. Not only will this prevent major damage and costly repairs, it will help your heater live longer and run more efficiently in the winter.

Here are some of the most common red flags that indicate a heating issue:

  • Some rooms feel cold. If heat doesn’t seem to be reaching certain rooms, it could be a problem with your furnace. It could also be a problem with your ductwork or insulation.
  • Your air vents are blowing cool air. If the temperature in your home is close to what the thermostat is set for, your heater won’t have to blow out too much hot air to keep the temperature regulated. However, if your home feels cold and your vents are consistently blowing cool air, this is a sign of a problem.
  • Your heating bill has suddenly spiked. High heating costs don’t always mean that your HVAC system is malfunctioning. But if you can’t seem to find any other reason for the sudden spike, you may want to get your system checked for inefficiencies.
  • Your heater is making repetitive noises. If you suddenly notice your heater is making different noises than usual, this is never a good sign. Regardless of what sound you hear, loud or repetitive noises typically indicate a problem.
  • Your pilot light is out or it has turned yellow. Your pilot light should never be a color other than blue. If you are having trouble lighting your pilot light or keeping it lit, this is a job for a furnace repair company in Philadelphia.
  • Your HVAC unit is giving off a burning or sulfur smell. These smells are common when something is going wrong with your furnace. If the smell gets stronger as you move closer to your HVAC unit, this is a surefire sign you should get in touch with a professional.

How much does it cost to fix your heating system?

This is a question that can only be answered by knowing the type of heating system you have and the problem itself. For example, the cost to repair a heat exchanger will differ from the cost to repair a heat pump. Similarly, the cost to repair a ductless HVAC system will differ from the cost to repair central heating.

The average cost of heating repairs is typically estimated between $100 to $500, though this will depend on many factors like the make and model of your heating unit. The fastest way to determine how much your repairs will cost is to get in touch with a heating repair company in Philadelphia for a free estimate.

We offer boiler repairs, furnace repairs, and tests to ensure safe furnace operation:

  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Gas line tests
  • Gas line repairs and replacements
  • Heating system sales, service, and replacements
  • Home weatherization

Getting Your Furnace Repaired

The process of getting heating repair services in Philadelphia need not be complicated. Our process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. There is no obligation and you won’t be talked into repairs or installations you don’t need.
  2. When the heating technician arrives, tell them what you’ve been experiencing. They will inspect your indoor or outdoor heating components as needed to figure out the root of the problem.
  3. Receive a free estimate and professional opinion from the technician. Once you know what’s wrong, you can decide how and when you’d like to fix it. Sometimes repairs are so simple that a technician can complete them on the spot.
  4. Opt for heating repairs or get your furnace replaced if necessary. If the process is more involved, you may need to schedule a follow-up appointment to have the work completed. All pricing is upfront, so there are never any surprise fees or service costs at the end.

If you worry that you can’t afford to fix your furnace at this time, it’s best to get in touch with an HVAC company anyway and ask questions. Bill Frusco offers financing options with proof of credit so you can get service without having to pay the entire bill at once. We know that going without heat is unfathomable in below-freezing temperatures, so our team works quickly and carefully to get heater repairs and installations done fast.

Heating Repair Services in Philadelphia
Specialty Services

As registered licensed master plumbers, we have the experience and know how to get the job done the first time, every time. If not, we’ll make it right!

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Broken sewer lines can wreak havoc at your home or place of business. Having decades of experience in the plumbing industry, there is no job we haven’t seen or handled. Our trenchless sewer repair experts are able to fix your sewer with minimal digging to your yard leaving your landscaping intact.

Water Restoration Services

When it comes to your home, you only want the best of the best working on your property. As a 3rd generation family owned business with over 50 years experience, we treat everyone’s home like it was our own. So when you have major water damage, it is a true emergency. We can restore your property using water removal and remediation services to get it back looking like new.

100% Financing Available
Financing available

Call the Old-School Plumbers

Heating Repair Services in Philadelphia

With five decades in the business, our company is committed to honest service and old-school professionalism. We treat our customers like family and that’s why residents and businesses trust us with all of their heating and cooling needs. Established in Philadelphia, Bill Frusco Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling has opened a new location in Horsham to better serve customers in Bucks County and Montgomery County.

Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and receive a free job estimate.

400+ Five-Star Reviews

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to our dedicated team of customer service experts, a team of service technicians who make it their top priority to always give their best on each job, and our commitment to excellence that has been part of our business philosophy since we first opened our doors in 1967, we have had the honor of receiving well over 400 five-star reviews from satisfied customers throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Thus, when you start searching for plumbing repair near me, there’s no doubt you can count on us here at Bill Frusco Plumbing. Since our reputation is on the line each time we make a service call, we do our best to give our customers the service they deserve at a price they can afford.

Don’t Settle for Less

While we know there are many plumbing companies here in the Greater Philadelphia area, we also know not all companies are alike when it comes to customer service. Here at Bill Frusco Plumbing, we don’t believe our customers should settle for anything less than the best. Since we specialize not only in same-day repair, replacement, and installation, but also offer 24-hour emergency service, we can get your system up to speed faster than anybody else. Rather than call the first HVAC company you find online or in the phone book and only hope you will get immediate service from well-trained technicians, choose instead to contact us here at Bill Frusco Plumbing.

24 Hour Plumbing Repair in Bucks, Montgomery & Philadelphia County

Unlike some companies that act as if it is the fault of the customer when an HVAC system goes awry, we here at Bill Frusco Plumbing are a plumbing repair company that realizes things happen that are simply out of your control now and then. Thus, you’ll never find us putting you off when it comes to scheduling repairs. In fact, we will always work with you to make sure we get to your home as quickly as possible.

When you’ve been searching for the best HVAC repair near me, contact us here at Bill Frusco Plumbing. Should the need for emergency service arise, call us immediately for 24/7 service .

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